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Autumn Descriptions

The first Write Away of the new academic year! This half term, children were asked to write a description of the season of autumn, thinking carefully about the senses and descriptive vocabulary. I was SO impressed with the quality of this year’s writing – such poetic and enchanting descriptions! Well done to the following children who were chosen as this half term’s Awesome Authors:

Year 1 – Hazel and Lily

Year 2 – Sam M and Faron

Year 3 –¬† Martha T and Theo T

Year 4 – Brendan and Elizabeth

Year 5 – Yse and Mirta

Year 6 – Harry and Sam C

Please have a read of the brilliant writing and leave a comment!

Miss Paine

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Autumn by Yse

Yse WA

Autumn by Mirta

Mirta WA

Autumn by Sam C

Sam C WA.jpg

Harry’s Autumn description

Harry WA

Lily’s description

Lily WA

Hazel’s description

Hazel WA

Autumn by Martha T

Martha T WA

Theo T’s Autumn description

Autumn Days Theo T WA

Autumn by Faron

A description of Autumn

Crunchy leaves on a lovely tree. Wet puddles all splashy and even more wet. Lots of wet fresh grass. The wind is wooshy. The rain is lovely when I first got outside.


Autumn puddles

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