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Time machine descriptive writing!

This half term’s write away was a competition task! All children were given the brief – they could write a piece of descriptive writing about any time period (could be past, present or future!) but it had to be no longer than 350 words!

Teachers decided what their classes would write about and linked it to their class topics. There is such a fantastic range of writing here, please have a read and you’ll have an exciting journey through a time with dinosaurs, the Stone Age, the Blitz, weird and wonderful woodlands and even have a glimpse into the future!

Happy reading!

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The Blitz – by Olivia

I open my eyes and look around me. I see Lillian, Maud, Tom and Jeff, wrapped up in blankets on the bunks of our Anderson shelter. The smell of our shelter burns my nostrils. I try to stretch my legs in my limited space shuffling round trying not to wake any one. I lay still in my iron bed trying to focus on the sounds going on outside, waiting for the all clear siren to go off and tell us we are safe. I go into a daydream and snapback when I hear Maud waking from her sleep, she squeezes up on to my bunk and comes and cuddles up close to me, we lye there for a moment, then the other three soon start to stir. It takes a moment for us all too properly wake up.
My hairs on my neck prick when I hear the siren go; I take my time trying to push through this cramped space. As I finally make my way through I hear a high pitched shriek I rush out as quickly as possible then I see Lillian, her mouth wide open with shock. I look at everyone else I direct my sight to where they are all looking.
I am gobsmacked at the sight of our once beautiful home which is now just a lifeless Skeleton. I move across the rubble scavenging my way among the wreckage. The stench of burning flesh fills the air. I look round and we are not the only ones that have lost our homes. I start to head off to explore the remains of the city the others trail behind.
The smell gets stronger as we move further into the city. I grab Maud and Lillian, Jeff takes tom. There is nothing but crumbled walls, smashed windows and craters were the deathly bombs had been. The children start heading toward the destroyed homes, I tug them back to my safety. We decide to turn back for our own good. We trudge back to the Anderson shelter.
I wonder… what will happen next?

My family’s terrible Blitz experience by Jameson


Wednesday 13th July 1940

Hello, my name is Victoria. The war is not helping me and my family’s condition because my younger brother, Edward, has breathing issues. Being in the Anderson shelter is making it worse.

This morning was our first sign of hope. The women’s services came around and offered us a cup of tea and a cosy warm blanket each. Edward smiled with joy and because he smiled it made me, my mum and my dad smile too. That was a moment of hope but none of us knew that that moment would end very soon. After we finished our tea the all clear siren came on.

We were all a bit hesitant to go out but the adrenaline rush made us all want to see the damage. We knew the house was no longer standing because last night we heard a bomb drop right outside the shelter. But we all needed to see what we could rescue from the wreckage. I was the first out to see the devastation. Then my mother then dad came out holding Edward. I jumped and covered Edward’s eyes so he did not have to witness the horror, tragedy and overall terror of the street!

Smoke still lingered in the air. I could hear babies crying, children screaming, air raid wardens shouting. It was true chaos. I could sense the panic. Our, once beautiful garden ruined by shards of glass splinters of wood scattered everywhere and all that was left of our beloved home was a skeleton, of not just a house  but a home.

After about ten minutes we decided to go rummaging. I was scared to take my hand away from Edwards face but mum’s smile assured me it was ok. I gradually walked towards the wreckage. When I got there I caught sight of my old bunny toy and fell to my knees. Then I bawled my eyes out for five minutes before my parents came and sat down next to me. Edward crawled out of dads arms and hugged me. We were together.

The Black Hat by Jago

The Black Hat

In the dark, dank, depths of the woods resided a feeble log cabin created using decaying wood and loose slate tiles. This aged hut harboured 0nly Two people one of which was a boy; This boy was passed his time taking endless walks through the forest, there was no one around after all. As he trudged through the leaves and branches slender beams of light pierced through the cage of trees just illuminating his path. Every twig that crackled or autumn leave that crunched was responded to by a grin that crawled up the boy’s cheek.


He was glad to be away from his decrepit room and aphonic grandmother. Very soon he entered a clearing- this clearing had a black hat perfectly placed in the centre of the glade. He was mesmerised by the mere sight of the black hat; it stunned him beyond comprehension. So he placed the black hat on his head and turned round delighted by what he had found. The boy soon grew attached to the hat and was reluctant to take it off he had never experienced such wonder in his life. However when night encased the old log cabin, The boy carefully placed the black hat on top of his bedside table unaware of the magic about to happen as he shut his eyes and slept.

The Black Hat by Angus

The Black Hat

In a barren, Cimmerian cabin lived a scruffy, ordinary boy who lived with his mute grandmother. Boldly most nights he would go out into a shady and murky forest, this day was one of them. The snap of twigs and constant feeling of mystery made it his favourite thing to do. Maybe the dusky and gloomy forest seemed mythical to him and contrasted from his silent life at the cabin; maybe this was why he loved it so much. The cabalistic forest seemed full of wanders to him.

His humdrum childhood was soon to change just this night. As he walked through the fascinating woods he came across a jet-black hat. His curiosity over threw him and he placed the noire hat neatly on his ruffled hair. He was fascinated by his possessions (one black hat). He wandered out of the cave and through the extensive forest.

Finally, when he reached the oak cabin he lay down on his patchwork bed surrounded by blank, wooden walls. He lifted his hat and put it down on the splintered floor. Little did he know of what came from the interior of the charcoal hat… The rock-solid mattress dug into his bony back. As he woke his eyes blurred because of the brightness before him. As he hadn’t seen this array of colours before, his eyes hadn’t adjusted. An ablaze of colour was hopping along his wooden floor.

Parrots and other fowl with great iridescent beauty had come from within the hat – where else would they have come? The locked window, or the closed door? Cockatoos with azure feathers and scarlet beaks filled his eyesight. Scarlet macaws contrasted from dull and grey to radiant and bright.

He didn’t realise how long he gazed at the magnificence of the birds. To preserve his happiness and bring colour to where you would find none, he locked the fowl in cages but little did he know of what sorrow would come to him.

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